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Mystic Nebula Oracle Deck

"I'm so excited to announce that I've created a gorgeous and unique 78 card oracle deck that is enhanced with augmented reality technology! The first of its kind." - Michaela Antoinette


The cards are standard tarot size 2.75" x 4.75" and they have a holographic front face and gold guilt edges. They are divided into movement cards, amplifier cards, answer cards, guidance cards and intuitive cards featuring original paintings from "The Infinity Collection" [part 1]. The guidance booklet that accompanies the cards explains the meanings and details. The cards are stored in a customized gloss finished rigid box. 


The Mystic Nebula Oracle Deck features intuitive cards which showcase the author's original mystic paintings! The intuitive cards are enhanced with augmented reality technology as are the original works and the front of each card! The Artivive App is free to download so you can view this feature. The intuitive cards and the corresponding booklet pages come to life and further tell the authors story of her kundalini awakening. This unique oracle deck uses the spiritual meanings of numbers, colors, chakras, zodiacs and crystals. The guidance cards are based around the Seven Hermetic Principles. There are forward movement and reverse movement cards that serve either as positive or negative shadow aspects. This deck is for the intuitive reader who tells their story or the story of the person they are reading. 


Kick starter is not available in Bermuda. My goal is to get at least 50 pre-orders but the more the merrier. Payment is not due upon sign-up but you can pre-pay via the red pre-order button. Please enter your shipping destination via the shipping estimate menu pre-order/pre-pay option. If you are not choosing to pre-pay and you are just signing up and filling out the form a shipping cost will be quoted at a later date once 50 pre-orders have been reached. 



I am gathering your contact and shipping details here and I will contact you once I reach 50 pre-orders. You can pre-pay via the checkout on this website with credit or debit card via Tilo Pay. I will then make a bulk order and ship it to Bermuda and then contact local purchasers for collection or ship it to your destination overseas. Please be patient with this process. I can not wait for you all to feel the energy within this magical deck!

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